True to its inventive spirit, FICTION explores the evolving realm of eco-conscious materials with the introduction of the FICTION green collection for Spring 2021. The five designs that comprise FICTION green feature “bio-acetate,” a material that employs renewable, naturally-derived substances that significantly reduce the use of petroleum-based plasticizers.

Bio-acetate stars in the FICTION green designs for CATCH, NOTE, and WHISTLE, while FLY and RHYME highlight the material in a supporting role. To mark the introduction, all frames incorporating bio-acetate are emblazoned with a newly designed FICTION green logo inside the temple arms. True to the exceptional detailing of the collection, the enamel medallion mounted on the proprietary hinge-and-temple configuration has been changed to green on silver for this series.

Since its launch in Spring 2019, FICTION has cultivated an enticing library of covetable classics and innovative new ideas. FICTION green plots a new storyline for the collection that looks toward a more sustainable future.